PRIA Submission Checklists Available on OPP Website

Effective October 1, 2013, OPP has posted PRIA submission checklists to assist stakeholders in submitting applications under the Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 3). OPP has worked extensively with stakeholders in developing these checklists, which are intended to promote a more efficient application process and reduce the number of applications rejected by the agency.

PRIA 3 establishes pesticide registration service fees for registration actions. The category of action, the amount of the pesticide registration service fee, and the corresponding decision review periods by year are prescribed in this statute. The goal is to create a more predictable evaluation process for covered pesticide applications, and couple the collection of individual fees with specific decision review time periods. PRIA 3 also promotes shorter decision review periods for reduced-risk applications.

These new checklists provide stakeholders with tools to minimize any deficiencies in their submission.

Preliminary Technical Screen Stakeholder Checklists include:

More information on PRIA 3 and links to the checklists may be found at

For questions, please contact Peter Caulkins at 703-305-6550 or [email protected].

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