Financial Administration

DGM has over 20 years of experience in financial administration, with the last 10 years spent serving as Treasurer for several multi-company Task Forces. We provide day-to-day financial administration, as well as special project coordination. Examples of day-to-day financial activities include:

  1. Establish bank accounts and obtain financial documentation necessary for setting up new Task Forces
  2. Create and maintain chart of accounts to ensure correct tracking of study costs and proper management of Task Force financial affairs.
  3. Work with Task Force leadership to establish budgets and Task Force member assessments based on historical financial records and anticipated expenditures.
  4. Function as accounts receivable and accounts payable for clients, including review and process of invoices in accordance with Task Force guidelines.
  5. Prepare year-end financial reports and coordinate with an approved Certified Public Accountant the preparation of audits/reviews and tax returns.
  6. Maintain financial records and provide reports to Task Force members as needed.
  7. Manage cost files for all data and study documents owned by Task Forces to ensure a ready status for potential data compensation issues.

We have assisted in the following types of special projects:

  1. Prepare analysis of all data and administrative costs for several Task Forces in response to data compensation claims. Compile all cost support documents in preparation for arbitration.
  2. Assemble all historic financial documents for two Task Forces in response to an audit by the IRS, and serve as liaison between the Department of Treasury and the member companies throughout the audit process.
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