General Task Force Administration

DGM provides multi-level administrative support to chemical Task Forces formed in accordance with FIFRA §3(c)(2)(B).

Types of services include the following:

  1. Serve as administrator for large multi-company Task Force by managing day-to-day logistical operations for the Task Force as a whole, as well as working groups within the Task Force.
  2. Review member labels, consolidate data into label summaries and create a data matrix covering all uses supported by each Task Force.
  3. Manage, research and prepare data submissions for regulatory agencies and coordinate with various technical personnel, Task Force members, product managers and support personnel at U.S. EPA and Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.
  4. Serve as central point of contact and communications with EPA and various Task Forces.
  5. Monitor data requirements and track study status for Task Force-sponsored data development.
  6. Assist Executive Directors, Technical Committee Chairmen, EPA Liaisons and Task Force members in day-to-day Task Force activities, including correspondence preparation, literature searches, research, electronic data submissions, meeting preparation and organization, and other management support as needed.
  7. Provide litigation support services to Task Force legal teams in connection with data compensation arbitration. We have significant administrative experience in connection with claim calculation, preparation of the statement of claim, discovery, prehearing exchange and organization of exhibits.
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